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We'll have a great program with updates, information, entertainment and lots of networking time.


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Get an update on Municipal Issues and the City of Corner Brook

Program Schedule

We'll be adding detail to the program in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for more information

  • 8 am Welcoming Breakfast

    Breakfast buffet sponsored by Take Charge NL! Come learn about energy efficiency in a fun and interactive presentation.

  • 9 am Member Forum

    Join Representatives of NLAR and CREA to hear updates and discuss issues in the REALTOR® Community. Includes a CREA Open House presentation, a legal update from CREA General Counsel Bill Harrington and an update from NLAR.

    Receive 1 RPDP Credit

  • 12 noon Luncheon

    With Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender as our speaker.

  • 2 pm Fall General Meeting

    Receive 1 RPDP Credit

  • 8 am Buffet Breakfast

    In the conference Room

  • 9 am REALTOR® Safety with RNC

    This was a much sought-after presentation at our last conference so we’ve decided to include it for the full conference program this year.  Learn tips, tools and techniques to protect yourself and your real estate business.

    Receive 1 RPDP Credit

  • 10:30 am RADON Gas – the Silent Killer

    Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment, produced by the decay of uranium.

    If a building is built over bedrock or soil that contains uranium, radon gas can be released into the building through cracks in foundation walls and floors, or gaps around pipes and cables.  Learn all you need to know about radon from Health Canada in this important presentation.


    Receive 1 RPDP Credit

  • 12 noon Luncheon

    With guest speaker

  • 2 pm Keynote Speaker Dr. Mike Mandel
  • 8 pm REALTOR® Idol and Party

    Our signature social event with our REALTOR® Idol talent show and a late night party.

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